NEW: Electroless Nickel Plating for Aluminum

Endless Range of Finish Options For Aluminum

Foundational Layer of Electroless Nickel Enables Secondary Finishing in Electroplate and PVD

Through the addition of our new electroless plating line, we are now able to offer manufacturers of aluminum products and parts a wide range of final finish options in terms of color and texture. An initial layer of electroless nickel provides superior performance and unmatched uniform coating of aluminum parts by using autocatalytic (chemical), rather than electrical, plating means.

As more and more manufacturers are switching to aluminum as the material of choice now, we are seeing applications growing beyond industrial (functional) to include consumer types — those with demanding aesthetic surface requirements. Until now, this need was difficult to meet because of aluminum’s finishing limitations. We kept hearing from manufacturers in that field that they wanted the same finishing options that we offered on other metals. So we saw an unmet need there and decided to meet it. Our new electroless nickel plating line is now a door-opener that leads the way to our endless range of final finish options all provided under the same roof.