Metal Polishing and Bead Blasting

We take our polishing, buffing, satining, and bead blasting applications seriously.

That’s why since 1986 all processes are performed right here on the premises of our factory — it’s the only way to ensure that your product’s finish meets the highest industry standards.

Metal Polishing Process

Our skilled craftsmen are trained for three years to hand finish thousands of small parts each and every day. Whether your product is as small as a dime or bigger than a breadbox, our crew is always focused on the tiniest details not only when polishing, but also working with satin, matte and bead-blasted surfaces.

Furthermore, we understand that different materials and surfaces require different metal polishing methods. We work with state-of-the-art equipment to polish at variable speeds, ensuring that your project gets the maximum luster and optimal appearance that it can achieve.

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting is a method of altering the surface of a metal by bombarding the surface with grains of hard materials, such as glass or alumina. Various textures can be created on the surface, including matte finishes.

Often a “satin” finish is desired. In this finish, the surface is lightly lined to give it a cloth-like appearance. Note that it is not always possible to satin parts in all directions. The shape of the component will dictate the direction of the lines.

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